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create positive impact

Intersnack and Sustainability

Creating positive impact

As a food company, our business touches the lives of many people in many countries. Therefore, we feel the strongest sense of urgency in our drive to minimise negative impacts and maximise positive impacts on people and planet. At Intersnack, everything starts with ‘Thinking Responsibly’ – this is one of our core company values.  We hold ourselves to high ethical standards throughout our entire business and supply chains.

Explore our four pillars

Innovating for consumer health and taste


Reducing our impact on the environment


Taking social responsibility in our supply chains


Achieving results with and for our employees


Sustainability highlights

75 %

of products use only natural flavours

We are committed to keeping our ingredients list ’clean‘ by using only natural flavours and removing all taste enhancers, artificial colours or added sweeteners.

21 %

reduction in CO₂ emissions

To guide collaboration and drive our achievements, we have developed a roadmap to reduce our CO₂ footprint and energy consumption.


smallholders and their families supported

Our aim is to create a truly sustainable supply chain that generates value for everyone, while also protecting and enhancing the environment.

100 %

employee ownership

Our employees are the experts at their jobs. They should therefore have full ownership of the specific tasks for which they are responsible.

Consumer responsibility | Stories


to meet the growing demand for better snacks

Healthier options should taste just as good - not almost as good – as other products. We don’t compromise on taste.

This is our philosophy when it comes to product innovations. With success - the popularity of our innovative Lentil Chips has proven to be one of the biggest growth drivers of our speciality business.


Environmental responsibility | Stories


Contributing to a circular economy through better packaging

We are concerned about the rise in plastic waste in the world and share the concerns many of our consumers have about it. For this reason, we have developed a packaging strategy. Our aim is in line with our circularity ambition: to eliminate all unnecessary packaging, while working towards full recyclability of our packaging materials.

Social responsibility | Stories


Supporting smallholder farmers in Malawi

Besides the macadamia seedlings, through this project I received valuable knowledge on the best way to grow macadamias.

As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, Intersnack engages in field projects to create more transparent and sustainable value chains.

Employee responsibility | Stories

Servant leadership

in our operations

To achieve employee engagement and ownership, we want our employees’ talents to truly flourish. This requires us to become servant leaders, meaning that we work for our employees and not the other way around.


Honest Cashew

Demonstrating our philosophy of taking action where we can make an impact. We work for a brighter future for all actors involved in the cashew supply chain.



Going for impact and driving change

Sustainability is a journey that no single team or organisation can make on its own. We aim for lasting positive impact in our operations and our supply chains.