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Our brands

From international icons to local favourites

Our portfolio includes a vast range of great-tasting savoury snacks  (crisps, salty sticks, popcorn, nuts ...).

On the Slovenian market we represent famous brands like Chio, Kelly's, Soletti, POM-BÄR and ültje.

Chio Logo

Chio was the first German potato chips brand, originally created in 1962 by the Von Opel Family in Hofgut Petersau. The name Chio is taken from the first letters of the family members: Carlo, Heinz and Irmgard von Opel. Consumers in more than 15 European countries can enjoy a wide range of Chio Snacks including potato chips, tortilla chips, specialties, baked products, popcorn and coated nuts.

POM-BÄR logo new

The first packet of POM-BÄR was sold in 1987 and the brand quickly became a favourite snack for the whole family. POM-BÄR is a pellet snack. The production process is similar to that of pasta, but the ingredients are different.
In Slovenia the POM-BÄR snack is available in original, cheese, ketchup, pizza and sour cream flavours.

ültje Logo

ültje was founded in 1867 by Alfred Russel. The first peanuts sold under this brand were roasted in Emden. The ültje brand, which has a tradition of more than 150 years, offers an attractive and modern range of nuts. The line is constantly expanding as new, innovative products are added. ültje products are characterised by a high level of quality. And the nuts are suitable for every occasion and all tastes.
Nut lovers can enjoy roasted and salted peanuts, unsalted peanuts, nut mixes, pistachios, student food, etc.

Kelly's Logo

In 1955 American Major Howard Morse Kelly and Austrian entrepreneur Herbert Rast founded the American Popcorn Company. Ten years later, the company was renamed Kelly G.m.b.H., a name that has stuck to this day.
In Slovenia Kelly's is mainly present in popcorn and peanuts.

Soletti Logo

The history of the Soletti brand began in 1949 at the Zach bakery in Feldbach, Austria. Pretzels were one of the first products baked in this bakery. As it was time-consuming to produce pretzels by hand, they started thinking about how to produce as many as possible at once. They prepared a special dough and made the baked snacks in a flat shape. This is how the sticks came into being. The Zach family then wanted to name these new snacks. They sprinkled the sticks with salt, so they wanted to call them 'Saletti'. Mrs Zach preferred the name 'Soletti' as the sticks reminded her of the sun in Italy. And so the name Soletti was invented.
Soletti products are baked snacks such as breadsticks, pretzels, crackers ...