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We are proud of our global team of more than 14,000 employees who make the best and tastiest savoury snacks.

We believe that providing employees with the opportunity to achieve their full potential not only increases overall employee satisfaction and happiness; it also helps us reduce losses and improve production processes.

Employee responsibility is a vital aspect of our corporate philosophy and culture. We work hard to be or become a preferred employer, which in turn helps us to attract and retain the best talent. Above all, we want all employees to be proud to be a part of the Intersnack Group and to feel ownership for what they do. To this end, employee ownership is an integral component of our Intersnack Work System (IWS).

Core activities

We are equally proud that tour people choose us as their employer and we are committed to ensuring that our company continues to be an open, entrepreneurial, responsible and rewarding place to work. By this, we mean always prioritising employees’ health and safety, nurturing a collaborative and non-hierarchical culture, cherishing diversity and investing in our employees’ futures by helping to develop their talents through learning and development opportunities.

Key progress made so far

> 14,000


working together to keep our production lines running

100 %

ISO45001 certified

all plants ISO certified for health & safety



of training per employee

Developing and engaging our talent

Learning and development is integral to our work to foster employee ownership across all levels and departments. Taking place in different forms, such as coaching, webinars and online sessions. However, our preferred approach is extensive on-the-job training, as we believe the best way to learn is by doing. We track the extent to which our employees feel satisfied and engaged by asking for feedback on a regular basis.

Contributing to local communities

Many of our Management Units encourage employees to give back to society and offer opportunities to engage with local communities through charitable projects. Every Christmas, Intersnack Germany employees can fulfill one wish to a child in need by buying a present from their wish list.

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Servant leadership

in our operations

To achieve employee engagement and ownership, we want our employees’ talents to truly flourish. This requires us to become servant leaders, meaning that we work for our employees and not the other way around.


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